Closure for those left behind

Sherry H.

I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for closure or to reach out to a loved one. She really is amazing she was on point I was able to answer questions I had.


Sherry H. 1/21/2017


Leanne is the REAL DEAL. I am a skeptic by nature. However, after suffering a series of traumatic events over the summer- I knew I needed some guidance. Leanne provided me with so much more than a reading. She is SPOT ON- ACCURATE. More than that, She helped me to stand on my own two feet- and to push through to better things. If you are looking for someone to help you connect with loved ones that have passed, to flesh out what you are feeling/seeing and to move forward- Leanne is your woman. I will continue to reach out and meet/call Leanne. She is a fabulous spiritual medium and an even better friend. Thank you Leanne!!


Sarah Shepherd 11/18/16

Lighten some grief

Jennifer Kask & Dave Lawrence

After my youngest daughter had told me on more than one occasion that she had seen people in the house, I decided to contact Leanne to talk about what's been going on. After a walk through the house Leanne was able to feel the 2 spirits that my daughter sees and help them rise above and make my daughter feel more comfortable at home. Leanne had assured everything would be ok. My daughter is happy for Leanne's help & I am too. 


Jennifer Kask 10/16/16 


My session with Leanne has helped me understand not only about loved ones who have passed on (which were spot-on) but also about myself. Her revelations were incredibly powerful and soul-changing. She is filled with such love, compassion and understanding and will go out of her way to help you. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 


Dave Lawrence 7/10/16

The first time I met Leanne Duprat was at my work place. She was a customer looking for information on what I sell for a living. I had a lot of personal things happening in my life at the time and many different thoughts going on inside my head. After a few moments Leanne looked distracted and I asked her if everything was alright.  Leanne's answer was to reveal to me everything that was on my mind and more.  I have never believed in Spiritual Medium readings but I do now. Due to the over whelming inner thoughts I was having Leanne needed to sort out the information that was coming to her. No buying decision was able to be made that day due to her own over whelming need to figure out what was going on in my life. I did not know this at the time.  Leanne then called me hours later and revealed to me her contact with my Father.  He passed away three years ago and Leanne gave me information that only I and my oldest sibling had knowledge of. Leanne may have saved my life that day and that is all I can say at this time. She is the real deal and now I am a believer for life. Thank you Leanne Duprat!


John 3/2/16

Relive a happy memory

John, Julia Ann & Diana

An absolute sweetheart! Talked me through some difficult situations. Put things in a new perspective for me. I highly recommend her services and will be a repeat customer. Thank you Leanne.  


Holly Martin 5/21/16


Absolutely amazing! I would definitely highly recommend a reading from Leanne she was on point with everything! I was very happy with my experience.  


Heather 2/26/16


I had a Spiritual reading from Leanne Duprat...She was right! 


Julia Ann 2/22/16


Thank you so much for sharing your gift, Leanne. You have helped to put my mind at ease over the loss of my last three greyhounds, assuring me that they are whole once again and happily playing together. The spontaneous communications have brought a smile to my face as I can recall my interactions with them through your descriptions and I know exactly what you are referring to. The additional connections to other pets and family members helps bring a sense of peace to me.


Diana 12/3/15

Vera Tracy, Janice & Rose

I am excited to write a review for Leanne. She is a talented compassionate, authentic and accurate spiritual medium. Her gift has brought me peace, laughter, tears and healing. Did you ever feel like you're going crazy, well I'm not, having had my personal experiences validated with facts she could not have known. Someone very dear to me recently died and he has come through in my time of grief which has been healing and reassuring to know his suffering is over. Again, she has given me the messages only he and I could know. This gift has extended to my two children who are also suffering the loss of their father. She has brought them messages from him resulting in peace. Leanne has held a personal item of my grandfathers from the early 1900s resulting in an accurate account of what I've already heard from another medium and has been verified by newspaper articles describing his character. I've had many visits with Leanne and someone always comes through, sometimes it's a message for a friend or for one of my children. Leanne has a gift and thus is a gift for all of us who need to hear from our loved ones! I will continue to utilize her emphatic gift as I go through the ending stage illness of my baby sister. I am truly grateful for having met Leanne and I absolutely adore her!!!! 


Vera Tracy 12/2/15


Words cannot express my gratitude to you for sharing the powers of your gift. I am so much more relaxed and feel so much has been lifted from me. I'm actually lost for words to tell you. May God Bless you always.  


Janice 7/2015


Thank you for helping me keep my sanity during these sorrowful days. You have helped me in so many ways.  


Rose 6/9/2015​

Feel a sense of peace​


Leanne is exceptional! I have had several readings with her and she truly has helped me through some difficult times. Her revelations were spot on and she’s extremely supportive and compassionate. Her guidance helped to guide me in the right direction. She is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. I highly recommend her services as she will make a powerful difference in your life. 

posted on May 15, 2018 by Kari Tagliatela


Kari Tagliatela 5/15/16

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